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Energy Doctor Enviroseal Doors

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Enviroseal Doors from Energy Doctor are designed with Canadian winters in mind. Serving Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and surrounding cities, we supply top quality doors that feature exclusive PVC total composite construction. These are manufactured to seal out the weather better than the rest! The doors feature a revolutionary double weather strip system exclusive to The Energy Doctor with an R-16 Rating in order to keep your home draft-free and cozy during chilly seasons. Our features include:

  • Total composite technology for moisture and rot resistant
  • Total composite door jambs, mullions, brickmold
  • Heavy duty aluminum horned sills and corner sills
  • Blown-in Polyurethane Insulation with a rating up to R-16
  • Double weather strip system includes the highest quality bubble system seal as well as an additional high fiber seal to keep weather out.
  • High Quality Fibreglass Skins, Stainable, Paintable, and Non-Fading
  • Twice as Thick as Traditional Steel Skins

These totally sealed door slabs ensure Enviroseal Doors are truly maintenance-free! We are your general contractor, we do it all and offer discounts on complete renovation projects.



Energy Doctor (306) 665-1119
2202 Ave. C. N.
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6C3
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Prince Albert:

Energy Doctor (306) 764-5455
17-17th St. W.
Prince Albert, SK S6V 3X2
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