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You can have peace of mind knowing that with 50 years of experience making quality window products, we are the suppliers of the best window on the Canadian market place. In addition, we boast of superior attention to detail ensuring that your windows and doors are installed to the highest level of air tightness. How do we do it?
  • We start with the highest quality of sealant. Our first step is to back caulk the brick mold portion of your window or door before pushing it against your exterior wall surface. This prevents air and water infiltration.
  • We then caulk around the perimeter of your window or door as a secondary seal.
  • Now we use a low expansion, thermal foam product to fill around your window and door cavity behind the brick mold. This provides another layer of airtight seal for your window and insulates the interior perimeter of your window and door as well.
  • The remaining cavity of your window or door perimeter is now filled with a fiberglass insulation to assure you that your window or door is nice and warm.
  • Finally, we seal the gap between the drywall and the window or doorjamb with red venture tape or equivalent, to prevent any potential draft from behind your interior trim.
So, there you have it, our five point energy seal system is always included with your new Energy Doctor window and door. You can have many years of comfort and pride knowing that old man winter has no opportunity to get to you, or the one's you love.

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